About Us

MORGAN STANDARD PRODUCTS, as the name exemplifies has set the bar high to support Modern Man’s personal grooming needs. Founded by Dr. Morgan, a Chemist and after decades of attempting to formulate the perfect product, we are pleased to announced that the Corporate Collection, with it’s signature proprietary ingredients has arrived.

You see, not only is Dr. Morgan a Scientist, but he is a Modern Man…just like you! He knows what it takes to be success and it starts by your morning rituals…one of those is your personal grooming needs. Each product has not only the ingredients to support the task but is also formulated with pheromones which will elicit a response from those attracted to you. As you go about your day, take notice as those around you are drawn to you and want to know what is it that’s different. Is it a new hair cut? New clothes? Is he hitting the gym? As you continue to groom with our products all that you desire and those you endeavor to have will be yours!

It is not only your right, but SUCCESS is your DUTY as a Modern Man. You now have 10 different specially formulated personal care products within your reach to support you in attaining that success.

It’s your call. Sit on the bench or get in the game…

Be Great,
Dr. Morgan